During pregnancy, women’s bodies experience a multitude of changes. A lot of these changes are temporary, and some require a good workout routine and diet to correct. However, there are some changes that can only be corrected surgically.

Diastasis recti is a condition that occurs when the abdominal muscles have become strained to the point where they have separated. This creates a gap in the abdominal muscles and causes a noticeable bulge to form in the abdominal area.

Diastasis recti cannot be corrected through dieting or exercise. The only way to properly address the issue is by surgically tightening the abdominal muscles in order to close the gap.

During the tummy-tuck procedure, plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Butz sutures the muscles along the abdominal wall tightly together. This gives the abdomen a well-defined and well-contoured appearance. If you are suffering from diastasis recti and would like to undergo a tummy tuck to address the issue, contact our office to schedule a consultation.