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Skin Care

Your skin is the first thing people see and with proper care it can look fantastic for years. However, liftstyle choices, such as smoking and poor diet, and the effects of sun damage can leave their mark. Fortunately, a lot of this damage is reversible with the right regimen.

This doesn’t have to complicated and expensive. The basics include a simple facewash to exfoliate and keep the skin clean. Then moisturizer to keep the cells hydrated and plump. Sun screen should also be a part of your daily routine, as we frequently neglect to consider the damage being done while we commute to work or take a lunch break.

Lastly, a retinol, helps improve the skin’s collagen turnover and smooths fine lines. Retinols should be added slowly to your regimen to reduce the risk of redness and flaking that no one likes to deal with. Once your skin is used to lower doses, it can tolerate more and the benefits will be healthy, beautiful skin.

Taking care of your skin is the easiest thing one can do to slow down the aging process. This begins with simple face wash, moisturizer and sun screen. There are additional products that provide mild tightening and reduce fine wrinkles as well as even out sun damage.