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A double chin or submental fat is a difficult area to treat, even with diet and exercise. This can be treated with surgical procedures, such as submental liposuction but fortunately, Kybella was the first nonsurgical product of its kind approved by the FDA in 2015 for treatment of submental fat or under the chin fat.

Kybella or deoxycholic acid, is an enzyme identical to one made by our gallbladder designed to breakdown fats that we eat. When injected into fat containing areas it performs the same function, dissolving the fat and allowing the body to absorb and get rid of the byproducts. This also causes an inflammatory response that can help tighten the skin as well.

The treatment consists of multiple small injection points in the fatty areas. It can be repeat every 4-6 weeks and you may need more than one treatment, depending your individual anatomy and goals.

There is some swelling after the treatment, so we advise everyone to use a head strap for the first several days to minimize the swelling.


  • Submental Fat
  • Neck Fullness


3-7 days of swelling, Mild pain

This is performed in the office and requires no anesthesia.