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Hair Transplantation Milwaukee

Hair restoration can be achieved through two different techniques. Follicular Unit Transplantation that utilizes a small strip of hair bearing tissue from the back of the scalp and leaves a long linear scar, which is easily hidden in the hair. The tissue that is taken is then processed by technicians into 1-4 hair grafts. These are then carefully grafted into the balding scalp.

The Follicular Unit Extraction technique requires each graft be removed individually and then carefully transplanted. It does not leave a linear scar but multiple pin point scars. This is preferable for individuals who wear their hair very short. It does require shaving a portion of the scalp for the procedure though.

When these techniques are performed properly they can provide long lasting powerful results. However, they each have their pros and cons and discussing your goals and desires with a surgeon that performs both techniques will give you all the options available compared to a one treatment fits all approach.


  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Facial Trauma or scars


5-7 days

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