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The number of men undergoing plastic surgery has increased rapidly over the last several years. “Brotox” is catching on and men are seeing the antiaging benefits of the various neuromodulators on the market.

We want you to age gracefully and keep you looking young and natural. It is much easier to stay looking young longer if you start early and take care of yourself.

Taking care of your skin is the easiest thing one can do to slow down the aging process. This begins with simple face wash, moisturizer and sun screen. There are additional products that provide mild tightening and reduce fine wrinkles as well as even out sun damage.

Dr. Butz realizes men are less likely to comply with complicated regimens so he will customize a simple routine you can easily work into you schedule.

Dr. Butz will be able to provide you with a private and efficient consultation to see what your concerns are and how we can achieve them with minimal downtown.