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Revision Rhinoplasty


Nasal surgery is complex and even the most gifted surgeons have patients that require revision rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty is typically reserved for patients that are unhappy with the results. It’s important to allow the nose to have time to heal prior to considering undergoing a revision rhinoplasty. A minimum of 12 months should have elapsed to allow adequate healing and swelling reduction.

Revision rhinoplasties are more challenging and depanding due to the scar tissue and reduced cartilage framework. Frequently additional cartilage is required to help provide needed support and structure to the nose. Dr. Butz has experience utilizing advanced techniques, such as rib or ear cartilage grafting, to improve your nasal contour and your breathing.

Best Candidates

Revision rhinoplasty patients may be seeking aesthetic and functional improvement. Ideal candidates are in good general health and have any of the follow issues:

  • A dorsal hump on the nasal bridge
  • Polybeak Deformity
  • Saddle nose deformity
  • Inverted V Deformity
  • Retracted nasal ala
  • Collapsed nasal valves
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose (See Septoplasty)


Revision rhinoplasty is typically performed with an open approach unless it is a small boney deformity. Depending on how much septum you have remaining will determine if you need cartilage graft from your ear or your rib. This will be discussed with extensively preoperatively.


Nasal surgery is typically an outpatient procedure and performed in an accredited surgical facility with the assistances of an anesthesiologist. The procedure may take between 3-4 hours. Nasal packing is rarely used but thin nasal Splints and a cast will be in place for 7 days. It typically is not that painful but you may have a dull aching sensation for the first few days. Head elevation and ice are helpful to reduce swelling and bruising.

The majority of the swelling will be resolved by 10-14 days but it may take 6-9 months for the final nasal contour to be appreciated as the healing process occurs.


Recovery Time: 7-10 days
Location: Outpatient

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