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Breast Reconstruction


Receiving the news that you have breast cancer can be shocking and scary. Breast cancer affects one in 8 women but fortunately there are good treatment options available. The core aspect of treatment involves removing mass or masses, which frequently leaves scars and breast deformities. There are several reconstruction options that can preserve the breast tissue in the setting of lumpectomy or restore breast contour if a mastectomy is required.  Breast reconstruction may require several stages spaces several months apart.

Dr. Butz has extensive experience and training with oncologic breast reconstruction, implant based reconstruction and free tissue or microsurgical breast reconstruction. The primary goal is to ensure you eradicate the cancer and then secondarily we can restore your breast contour and feminine form.

Preparing for your Procedure

As with any procedure, you should stop any medication or supplements that are not essential for 10-14 days prior to decrease your risk of bleeding complications. Please refer to your list of medications to avoid and always check with your Doctor prior to stopping medications.


Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction is used when a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy is indicated. By coordinating with your breast surgeon, we can work together to rearrange your remaining breast tissue to prevent post-lumpectomy deformity and preserve your breast contour. Sometimes we can lift and enhance the breast at the same time and a contralateral lift or reduction can be performed to restore symmetry.

Implant Based Breast Reconstruction is one of the most common techniques utilized after mastectomy to restore breast contour. Dr. Butz has been trained in the latest advances in direct to implant or single stage breast reconstruction and 2 staged reconstruction using tissue expanders.

Free Tissue Transfer or Microsurgical Techniques are the most technically demanding procedure but replace the breast tissue with a patient’s own tissue. This has several long-term advantages because you are using your own tissue and eliminate the risk of issues with implant failure, infection and contractions. The most common flaps used are from the patient’s abdomen, the DIEP or TRAM flaps, inner thigh or back.

Nipple Reconstruction is the last stage of the breast reconstruction and can be performed under local anesthesia in the office or with other procedures in an outpatient center.

Postoperative Planning

The procedure location depends on the procedure being perform. The mastopexy and first stage of reconstruction is an inpatient procedure but the subsequent stages can be performed as an outpatient. A dressing will be in place when you wake up and this will be removed by Dr. Butz the following day in clinic. You will then be placed in a soft bra. You should avoid underwire bras for at least 4 weeks. You may have some numbness and hypersensitivity of the breast. This is normal and will improve with time.  You should avoid rigorous exercise for at least 2 weeks but we encourage you to be up and walking several times throughout the day.

Location: Inpatient/Outpatient
Recovery Time: 5-7 days

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